Class DBLDBDef


Database definition.

This is a structure (in C terms) holding parameters describing a (connection to a) database. It has base parameters most database systems would require (e.g., it exactly feeds needs of SQL and LDAP), but some DB engines may add extra fields (e.g., port) or not use some of the fields provided.

NOTE: It could be also implemented as simple associative array, but it's done this way.

Located in /DBLDBDef.php (line 17)

Variable Summary
string $host
string $namespace
string $password
string $user
Method Summary
DBLDBDef DBLDBDef (string $host, string $user, string $password, string $namespace)
string $host (line 22)
  • var: Host name.
string $namespace (line 35)
  • var: Namespace to use - engine dependent interpretation. For example in SQL databases, it is used to determine database with which to work.
string $password (line 30)
  • var: Password to access the database.
string $user (line 26)
  • var: User name (to access the database).
Constructor DBLDBDef (line 47)


Creates class with provided parameters.

DBLDBDef DBLDBDef (string $host, string $user, string $password, string $namespace)
  • string $host: The host value.
  • string $user: The user value.
  • string $password: The password value.
  • string $namespace: The namespace value.

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